Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Buttonmybuttons Fun, quirky, flirty. These are what would cross their mind to those who know Buttonmybuttons. In 2007, Shahida Sharif formed Buttonmybuttons. The young talented young designer who emphasizes in originality, fresh , and trendy. The brand is known to fabricate beautiful dresses that complement the female body

The name Buttonmybuttons was coined from her (liking/love/affection) for buttons and ribbon elements in her design. Whenever anyone sees the creation from Buttonmybuttons, one could tell the fresh, quirky and trendy look it portrays. Her love for practicality and her daring move to mix and match textures, patterns, colors, and silhouette puts the brand on its own strata amongst other fashion brands.

One of the first creations produced by the brand are Buttonmybuttons handmade bags and street wear line called Buttonmybuttons Fantasy Collection. The signature baju kurung, which is the ready-to-wear line has been most sought-after. Gaining her confidence from there, she started taking custom-made order for casual, traditional and wedding outfits. Her forte can be seen through the cutting and silhouette of every garments made, which are always structured yet soft and always complement the wearer.

With the brand going strong each step of its way, and winning the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Fabulous 2011 Award for Best Blogshop, Buttonmybuttons is ready to make a sprint to a higher ground in the fashion seen.

Buttonmybuttons Boutique is located at SS15/8B, Seksyen 15, Subang Jaya, Selangor and in Bandung Indonesia. 
About Miss Shahida Shariff

Shahida Shariff, the lady behind the quirky, flirty brand called ButtonMyButtons  was born in 1984, her interest in designing started at a young age when she used to cut up her mother’s curtains and tudungs to make dresses for her Barbie Dolls.

After studying in a local University, UITM, Shahida then landed her first post-grad job as an Editorial Assistant for a local fashion magazine, but with dreams to create and have a hands-on involvement in the industry, in 2006, she took up residence as a designer in Hyde & Seek, a menswear store. It was not long after that she and a few friends decided to take the plunge and start their own boutique by selling imported apparel through social media on Friendster and MySpace under another brand called Missbow in Damansara with a partner, which eventually led her to produce her debut label Buttonmybuttons. Her unique approach to design, marketing, sense of style and bubbly personality has helped her set apart as businesswomen and designer.

With very limited pieces per design, and her interest in unusual fabric led to the distinctive trademark of  Buttonmybuttons products: the surprising combination of materials.  Shahida’s exclusive creations have been readily snapped up by the fashion hungry. Producing tees, jackets, tanks, bikinis and dresses to custom hand-made fashion bags and shoes. For Buttonmybuttons, Shahida mixed it up, drawing influences from fashions of decades past with a bang up to date modern twist.


mE!a eR!c said...

sis,item byk yg cun2!tp nape byk yg sold out ni?x best laa :(

buttonsnatural said...

hOW are you.
please see our buttons at
www.buttonsnatural.zoomshare.com and advise your interest in them.

nia said...

wheres the location?



I got to know your label while listening to BFM, thumbs up :)

Just asking, have patent you ButtonmyButtons label... pls do if you have not, but if you have, way to go girl, all the best in your business endeavor.

One request, I love your shirts... but can you make it suitable for those who wear tudung too. Your cuffs with buttons (i.e. modern kurung) is so, so suitable for muslimah designs but pls make the sleeves longer and the length of the shirt lower til it covers the butt.

Looking forward for those collection if you have those in mind.


Anonymous said...

hi miss shahida!

i LOVE ur collections of vintage baju kurung! i immediately thought of making my wedding clothes with u next year!

ur designs are beyond stunning dear =)

p.s: read abt ur blog and designs at Maria Elena's blog ^^

ifa ahmad izhar said...

me too. the design is so unique and trendy. I love buttonmybuttons :)

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